Regional Contact

Jan von Enden
General Manager North America

North America

In addition to the HRNS office in Hamburg, the office in North America is the only regional office that does not implement regional projects, but rather serves as a base close to many donors and partners.

Since its establishment in 2010, 11 projects have been launched that benefit over 10,000 smallholder farming families. We address all topics relevant and important to the North American coffee and cocoa sectors, public and multilateral donors, and the foundation/NGO sector. Priorities cover a broad spectrum of topics, from adaptation to climate change, responsible sourcing and sustainable supply chains to rural youth empowerment.

An exciting change happened at HRNS North America in 2015: we started running Coffee Kids as an independent program within HRNS. Coffee Kids collaborates with the next generation of coffee farmers to realize their full potential as part of the global coffee community. By providing training, mentoring and financial support, the program allows young coffee farmers to discover solutions to the many challenges they face in the changing coffee world.

We will continue to develop innovative solutions to private sector demands for responsible and sustainable supply chains, to the benefit of both producers and their families and their commercial partners.


Feed the Future Partnership for the Alliance for Resilient Coffee

The Need for the Coffee Sector to Become More Resilient: The global coffee industry relies on the production of millions of smallholder farming families living at or near the poverty line and residing in remote rural areas of developing countries. Those coffee farmers are particularly vulnerable to climate change while at the same time, have limited capacity to cope and adapt. Shocks are becoming more frequent and weather events more extreme.

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Sustainable livelihoods and Roya response for smallholder coffee-farming households in Jumatepeque, Santa Rosa, Guatemala

Learn about the variety of topics being addressed as part of this project impoving the overall situation of smallholder coffee farmers in Jumatepeque, Santa Rosa, Guatemala.

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Strengthening the capacities of coffee-farming families in the Alto Mayo, Peru

photocredit to the Asociación Civil Contigo Agrandando el Círculo

The department of San Martin in Peru is one of the country's most important coffee production areas. With a focus on strengthening farmer organizations, improving, intensifying, and rejuvenating coffee production, and diversifying food crops, this project allowed for the development of an innovative and highly effective model of technical assistance and organizational development.

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