Our Impact

As an implementing organization, we have a strong commitment to making a difference through our work. We want to improve the livelihoods of the families with whom we work. Also for projects which we do not implement ourselves, we offer support assessing experiences and contribute to joint learning. 

This is our theory of change (click here to download):


That is why we emphasize the important role of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in all of our work streams. When thinking about data, we want to move beyond accountability. We actively foster information-based learning on all levels of our organization from farming families to global management and our funding partners. We aim at achieving joint impact, and strengthen our network by cooperating with other sector players to collectively achieve mutually defined goals.


What impact are we seeking to achieve?

All of our projects are evaluated using a set of key performance indicators. If a funding partner or other external entity requires it, we are able to provide customized measurements as long as these measurements support our main purpose in gathering data: to continually learn from and improve our projects at all levels of intervention. We are able to verify our M&E results through an external agency. Through external studies conducted by independent institutions, we collect data on key projects to better track our long-term impact.



Tobias Voigt
 Monitoring & Evaluation Manager