Guatemala/El Salvador/Honduras, Trifinio

Sustainable Coffee Production in the Trifinio Region, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador


Project DescriptionImprove the economic, environmental and social conditions of coffee farming communities in the Trifinio area
Project DurationMarch 2010 - March 2012
International PartnersICP, GIZ - Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, BID – Interamerican Development Bank, KfW Bankengruppe
Local PartnersBECAMO – Honduras, Trifinio Comission, SERTINSA – Guatemala, IBERO – El Salvador
Guatemala/El Salvador/Honduras, Trifinio
The Trifinio Region is located in the tri-border area of three countries: Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. This region is ecologically unique, and considered as one of the world’s hotspots in terms of biodiversity. To protect the rich flora and fauna, it is being developed within the framework of a regional development plan since the early 90’s, the “Plan Trifinio”. 670,000 people call this place their home.

Overall aim of the project is to improve the economic and environmental conditions and to develop the social aspects within the coffee regions. Focussing on the area of the Rio Lempa, the project is implementing sustainable coffee practices, encompassing aspects focusing on the production of a high quality product, on environmentally sound practices and on improving the living conditions.