Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) is the world’s leading green coffee service group. With 49 companies in 27 countries, NKG is present in all important markets and offers a broad range of quality services and products along the green coffee value chain. HRNS implements several projects in the areas of youth and agronomy with support of NKG. In Brazil the NKG company Stockler is a key partner in the Força Café Coffee Championship. HRNS and NKG share a long tradition of cooperation.

Farm Project – Kaweri

Uganda has one of the youngest and fastest growing populations worldwide, with about half of the people being under the age of 15. As a result, it faces significant challenges in meeting the needs of its youth, who are severely affected by poverty, inadequate education and skills, and limited work opportunities. According to the latest census, youth constitute 80% of the country´s unemployed.

Farm Project – Finca la Puebla

The communities Santa Rita and El Porvenir in coffee farming areas in the state of Puebla of Mexico are characterized by migration to major cities. Many parents leave their kids behind and children grow up without guidance, role models and love during their adolescent development.

Jovens – Santo Antônio do Amparo

In rural areas in Brazil, despite a seemingly high school attendance, the quality of public education is questionable and there is little support for extracurricular activities promoting culture, leisure or vocational trainings. Altogether, the lack of viable opportunities for rural youth is discouraging and unlikely to stimulate professional and personal development. This has become a major driver for migration to big cities and illicit activities, such as violence, drug, and alcohol abuse.