First Climate Resilient Landscapes in Honduras!

 The Honduran Coffee Institute and Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung welcome the start of a new project in  the dry corridor of Honduras!  


The Honduran National Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) in collaboration with the non-profit foundation Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) begin a new project in the dry corridor of Honduras (Trifinio Region). The project aims to improve smallholder coffee farmers capability to adapt to climate change. At the same time it will support more efficient information exchange in the coffee sector. Replication and scaling of proven practices and methodologies will increase.

The project “Climate Resilient Lanscapes in the Trifinio Region and dry corridor of Honduras” will be implemented in the departments of Copán, Ocotepeque, Lempira and La Paz of Honduras. It will directly benefit 4,000 smallholder families by 2021. Financed by the collaborative initiative Euroclima+, IHCAFE and HRNS are working together to develop and implement appropriate adaptation and mitigation actions together with coffee farming families and farmer organizations while working hand in hand with other national partners in Honduras. The project builds a foundation to promote the scaling of resilient practices throughout the coffee value chain to ensure long term sustainable impacts.

At a local – on-farm level, some of the actions include the establishment of demonstration plots and agroforestry systems, the creation of farmer field schools and exchange of success technological experiences at the trinational level between producers and sector actors.

“Besides working with coffee farming families, we will work with a total number of 40 Farmer Organizations with a strong focus in the active participation of women and youth”, says Napoleón Matute, Technical Manager of IHCAFE. “Farmer Organization’s capacity to respond effectively to climate change will be strengthened through the training of 100 leaders in the topics of environment and climate change to become change agents and promoters of resilient practices within their communities.” 

In order to ensure the inclusion of climate change issues in coffee policy at an institutional level in Honduras as well, IHCAFE and HRNS are working together with the government institution Climate+ Office, and other private and public partners to develop and promote policies in order to strengthen the way climate issues are addressed. In close collaboration with the Trinational Coffee Roundtable, the project improves the sector’s response to the impacts of climate change by promoting the development and replication of proven methodologies in the Trifinio Region of Central America.

“It’s a participatory project. Cooperation created lasting, effective practices in the region” says Pablo Ruiz, Co-Manager of HRNS in Central America. “All of these actions contribute to the development of long-term resilient coffee landscapes. The resiliency of coffee production improves, and agroforestry systems are strengthened and developed which further promote ongoing implementation of adaptation and mitigation practices in the region.”


About HRNS:

The non-profit foundation Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) implements hands-on projects to improve working and living conditions of small-scale coffee farming families through enhancing their economic and social development. At the same time, sustainable practices and responsible use of natural resources are promoted together with strategies to adapt to climate change. Gender inclusion and perspectives of youths receive special attention in the HRNS approach.

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The Honduran National Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) promotes coffee farmers’ socioeconomic profitability through the sustainable development of competitiveness in the Agroindustrial Coffee Chain, using eco-friendly innovative technology and providing their customers with excellent coffee quality, implementing efficient programs and viable diversification alternatives as an additional source of income.

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