Feed the Future Alliance for Resilient Coffee

Location: Honduras, Guatemala, and Uganda

Project Overview

Coffee needs to get climate smart. ARC is here to help.

Climate change is threatening coffee throughout the world with rising temperatures, more variable rainfall, and harder to control pests and diseases. These threats have serious consequences—the areas where coffee, especially high-quality coffee, can be grown will be shrinking, while demand for coffee will continue to steadily increase worldwide.

But with a large, diffused problem like climate change, individual actors within the coffee sector may not know where to start. That’s where the Feed the Future Alliance for Resilient Coffee (ARC) comes in. This project—funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development as part of the U.S. Government’s food security initiative, Feed the Future—brings research institutions and non-profit organizations together to learn from one another and to generate clear guidance to the coffee sector on the concrete actions needed to confront climate threats.

HRNS leads this consortium of seven organizations, which represents unique expertise on topics including resilient coffee varieties, innovative climate adaptation practices, cooperative financing, deforestation and biodiversity monitoring, climate change modeling, and analysis of business models that incentivize uptake of climate smart agriculture (CSA). The ARC consortium’s complementary vantage points enable us to provide different scales of analysis and practical expertise, in three thematic areas: Climate Risk Analysis, CSA Implementation Support, and Testing & Research.

We are implementing pilot programs in Honduras, Guatemala and Uganda. Our aim is to catalyze uptake of CSA throughout the coffee value chain, and we do so by providing tailored services and co-investment opportunities, in addition to creating public goods that benefit the sector’s collective knowledge on the subject of climate change.

To learn more about the project and how the ARC consortium is working together, please visit: www.allianceforresilientcoffee.org

“My coffee farm is now performing much better and my family members come to see what they can do to improve their yields.”

Stella Nakaggawa (Luwero, Uganda)

Download our Feed the Future (ARC) product paper to learn more.