Finca la Puebla

Location:   Mexico

Project Overview

The communities Santa Rita and El Porvenir in coffee farming areas in the state of Puebla of Mexico are characterized by migration to major cities. Many parents leave their kids behind and children grow up without guidance, role models and love during their adolescent development.

This destabilizes communities and results in a number of challenges faced by youth, such as a lack of confidence and prospects, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, and unwanted pregnancies. There are hardly any jobs available in the communities or in the nearby towns and most youth work on the farms of their parents. Education is often neglected, further reducing the chance for active participation in the labor market.


In partnership with the NKG Finca la Puebla Coffee Plantation, the non-governmental organization AUGE and the ICATEP vocational institute, rural youth from the communities Santa Rita and El Porvenir are being supported to overcome social, economic and employment-related challenges. To achieve this, the project is implementing following interventions:

  • Support and advice for at-risk youth and their families regarding topics such as sexual and reproductive health, child labor, self-esteem, and migration.
  • Implementation of a participatory life planning approach that helps youth to develop personal and professional perspectives that pave the road out of poverty.
  • Vocational training and skills development (horticulture, car mechanics, nursing, tailoring etc.) as well as mentorship through internships and formal training programs.
  • Scholarships for successful participants of the project, e.g. for the development and implementation of their own start-up businesses.


  • A total of over 180 youths have participated in vocational and life skills trainings, such as car mechanics, hairdressing, rhetoric and communication, business planning.
  • The five best performing and most interested participants of the first aid course have been selected to continue their technical training in the medical clinic of Finca la Puebla in a six-month-long nursing course.
  • Selected youth are currently developing and implementing joint entrepreneurship projects. Amongst others, two groups of three young women each are starting their own beauty salon.

Participants attending the training module “Medicinal Plants” in the clinic of Santa Rita.

Signing of a collaboration agreement with ICATEP

Participants attending a “First Aid” course