The 5th Annual Força Café Coffee Championship 2018 has winning coffees. They are from the Matas de Minas region, which won both categories: Natural coffee, with the lot of Mr. Elieser Carmelito da Silva (86.75 points) and Peeled cherry coffee, with the Deivison Welques Pereira lot (85.68 points).

For the fifth year, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung do Brasil held the annual “Força Café” Coffee Championship in collaboration with NKG Stockler and Fazenda da Lagoa, in Santo Antônio do Amparo, Brazil.

A total of 265 lots of “natural” and “semi-washed” coffee produced by family farmers competed. The coffee came from the regions where the “Força Café” Program operates: Matas de Minas, Circuito das Águas, Campos das Vertentes and Mar de Minas Gerais. Of these, 70 samples passed the pre-selection and were presented in the final event that took place between 21st and 26th of October 2018.

The coffees were tasted by a group of representatives from importing companies and roasters from various countries, such as: Lavazza from Italy, KLD Coffee Importers from Russia, Bero Polska and Cukiernia Sowa from Poland, InterAmerican Coffee-USA, Barista Magazine, Die Rösterei and InterAmerican Coffee-Europe from Germany. For Gerra Harrigan of InterAmerican Coffee-USA, “the experience of tasting each batch was incredible. Results have been amazing for the group of very experienced tasters. I am grateful to all the producers who have prepared their coffees for the contest and we are very excited to participate in the auction of the winning coffees that is about to come.”

The main highlight of this years competition was that the winning coffees came from the Matas de Minas region, which won both categories. Matas de Minas is also the region in which HRNS do Brasil implements the projects of International Coffee Partners.The following are the results of the different categories of the “Força Café Coffee Championship 2018:

Natural Category – General

PlaceWinner Name
1stElieser Carmelito da SilvaMatas de Minas86,75
2ndValdemir Oliveira ReisCircuito das Águas86,65
3rdPaulo Giovanni da SilvaCircuito das Águas85,80
4thSevero Martins BorgesCampos das Vertentes85,70
5thFábio Venâncio SalesCampos das Vertentes85,18
6thIvanir Maria Bastos SilvaMatas de Minas84,80
7thRosângela Moura AlvesMatas de Minas84,75
8thNivaldo dos Reis SoaresCircuito das Águas84,73
9thWanderley de Deus SaleniMar de Minas83,95
10thCléo Tulio de BritoMar de Minas83,62
11thAmilton Resende PeixotoCampos das Vertentes83,43
12thMárcio Luiz CabralMar de Minas83,30

Category Semi-Washed – General

PlaceWinner Name
1stDeivison Welques PereiraMatas de Minas85,68
2ndRafael Bastos SilvaMatas de Minas85,65
3rdElieser Carmelito da SilvaMatas de Minas85,08
4thRosângela Moura AlvesMatas de Minas85,05
5thIvanir Maria Bastos SilvaMatas de Minas84,13

Region Matas de Minas – Natural Category

PlaceWinner Name
1stIvanir Maria Bastos SilvaSanta Margarida84,75
2ndElieser Carmelito da SilvaSanta Margarida84,53
3rdRosângela Moura AlvesSanta Margarida84,38

Circuit of Waters – Natural Category

PlaceWinner Name
1stValdemir Oliveira ReisLambari85,03
2ndPaulo Giovanni da SilvaLambari83,93
3rdNivaldo dos Reis SoaresCampanha83,65

Campos das Vertentes – Natural Category

PlaceWinner Name
1stFábio Venâncio SalesCamacho86,13
2ndAmilton Resende PeixotoSanto Antônio do Amparo83,56
3rdSevero Martins BorgesSão Francisco de Paula83,28

Mar de Minas – Natural Category

PlaceWinner Name
1stCléo Tulio de BritoElio Mendes84,23
2ndWanderley de Deus SaleniIlicínea83,18
3rdMárcio Luiz CabralIlicínea83,10

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