Tim Hortons is a Canadian-based multinational fast food restaurant founded in 1964. It is known for its coffee and donuts. In its first store Tim Hortons’ offered only two products: coffee and doughnuts. Until today coffee makes about half of Tim Hortons restaurants sales of 100% Arabica blends. Through the Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership, TH aims to improve the lives of small-scale coffee farmers by increasing the productivity of their farms and the quality of their beans in a sustainable way by improving economic, social and environmental factors.

“Tim Hortons has been working with HRNS since 2005 and we appreciate the deep knowledge and dedication of the HRNS field teams. Together, we experienced great successes as well as challenges in our programs – it is important for us to learn from both and become more impactful in our work over time – for the farmers who need our support most.”

Kevin West
Tim Hortons

TH Coffee Partnership Colombia

In partnership with Tim Hortons we implemented a sustainable coffee growing program in Colombia. We are putting our money on the strength of economic and social development, centered around empowering coffee-growing families so that they can drive their own development.