Regional Contact

Desalegn Eyob
Country Manager Ethiopia


Ethiopia—the country so fondly referred to as the “cradle of coffee”—is where the story of the famous bean began and from where it eventually found its way all across the globe. The country enjoys worldwide recognition as a unique coffee producing country, known not only as the undisputed origin of arabica coffee but also as the second most important global producer and exporter of the highest quality arabica coffees. These coffees are not produced in any other region, and domestic and international demand outpace production.

Ethiopia is uniquely endowed with the diverse cultivated and wild genetic resources of arabica coffee. Throughout the country there is a variety of production systems, including gardens, plantations, semi-forests and forests. It is the only country in the world with wild arabica coffee still growing naturally in its forest coffee ecosystems. This shows the extent to which Ethiopia is of extreme importance to the global coffee industry in particular and coffee consumer societies around the world.



Coffee is part of Ethiopia's culture and has a positive effect on the quality of life of farming communities. The country represents the gene pool of arabica coffees and the single possible source for biological improvements without any genetic engineering.

Beyond the Gardens: The Forgotten Home of Coffee