Towards a level playing field

"Protection of our natural resources and working towards justice and equity between us in industrial countries and "poor" people in the so called "developing countries" are many times two sides of the same coin".

Michael Opitz, Chairman of the Board of Management of Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung.

As a private foundation we do both: we support environmental programmes at our doorstep and run grassroots projects with smallholder coffee farmers all over the world.

Our aim: helping to establish a more level playing field, improving working and living conditions and addressing the challenges on our planet associated with protecting natural resources, climate change and biodiversity.

Our approach:
we are partners, we provide know-how and support self-help. Using the learnings from our projects we stimulate change processes across regions and in the sector.

Our instruments:
We use two instruments in accomplishing our objectives:

  • Partnership for Sustainability encompasses our work in coffee producing regions and in tropical agricultural value chains. Our business-oriented development approach seeks to benefit producers, i.e. coffee farmers, as well as the other relevant stakeholders.
  • Hanseatische Natur- und Umweltinitiative conducts nature protection projects in Northern Germany, enabling grassroots initiatives and raising awareness and motivation for environmental issues particularly among young people.



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