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We seek to show the upcoming generation of farmers that agriculture can be an attractive and lucrative livelihood activity


It is no news that the coffee market is in a precarious place. Consumption and demand are steadily rising, but supply remains erratic, with years of oversupply followed by years of shortage. In the short term, prices adjust, but we should take a long-term perspective.

What does this situation mean for the future supply of coffee?


Part of the problem is that the potential coffee farmers of tomorrow have too little incentive to continue their parents' business. Their families are continuously faced with challenges such as rising input costs and unpredictable climate conditions. This means their hard work is not always paid off.

At HRNS, we are concerned that more and more young people are leaving their rural homes for the cities. It is no wonder: subsistence agriculture is not appealing and other opportunities are out of reach.


We are convinced that creating prospects for young people is the backbone of sustainable smallholder farming communities. We promote profitable and dynamic agriculture, so that young people can discover that farming can be a viable income earning option. We also invest in young people's skills and establish support networks so they are in a position to run profitable businesses or transition into other local job opportunities.

We believe that youth play an important role in the evolution of a modern and attractive rural economy. It is essential to each and every one of us, be it as a trader, a roaster, or merely as a consumer, to enjoy a good cup of coffee tomorrow with the assurance that producers earn a decent livelihood.


Approach Element

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