Our Story

"We believe in sustainable development and are convinced that we need to treat environmental, social and economic factors in an integrated manner.” Michael R. Neumann




Michael R. Neumann and his family are rooted in the production and trade of coffee. For decades, the family has been strongly involved in the sector, and the family company, Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, is a market-leader in its field, servicing millions of coffee producers and 3,000 roasters and instant producers worldwide.

Recognizing the need for support, particularly at the level of smallholder farmers, in 2005 the family founded the non-profit foundation Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS). The foundation operates independently from the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. The aim: to empower smallholder coffee farmers and strengthen their ability to independently achieve better livelihoods. The foundation builds on our work that began with Embden, Drishaus & Epping Consulting in 1991.

Voluntary changes in behavior are necessary to sustainable development. Our work is part of our long-term commitment to improving conditions in the coffee and cocoa sectors by focusing on the production systems (best agricultural practices, see more here), farmer organizations, youth, the environment, and climate change as essential elements in the further development of societies.

"A focus must be placed on youth as essential pillars of future development," says Michael R. Neumann. "Our concern for people and the environment begins at our doorstep and extends to regions and countries where coffee is grown. That is why a major part of our activities is conducted in coffee areas and is concerned with improving the competitiveness and the living conditions of smallholder coffee farmers."

Modern communication and media channels, complex and yet integrated supply chains, interlinked financial markets and increasing international travel create strong linkages between people and societies over the globe. Economic crisis, social unrest and climate events affect all of us. Sustainability, thus, is a global challenge and HRNS therefore also supports initiatives in Northern Germany that address the protection of nature and the environment, and advance education and development of youth.

Our vision: A healthy environment, dynamic societies and a level playing field, in particular for millions of farmer families in tropical agricultural value chains.



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