Uganda, The Birth Place of Robusta Coffee

Located on the Equator, Uganda is the birth place of Robusta coffee. With over 1.5 million coffee producers, it has the second highest number of coffee smallholders in the world, and for the country, coffee leads as the main cash crop and the highest contributor to export earnings. With an average household size of about 7 and including all activities along its value chain,  it is estimated that over  10 million people depend on coffee for their livelihood.

Uganda also has the second youngest population in the world with 78% of its population being below the age of 30.

But productivity and coffee yields are among the lowest in the world. Caused by very poor extension and very limited access to key production and commercialization services. Additionally the effects of climate change affect farmers.

Farmers are only earning a fraction of their potential income. Cultural traits, in particular, gender inequality, further contribute to a lack of household planning and inefficient use of resources.

Today, the livelihoods of over 64,000 families in 12 districts are enhanced through support and training on professional and commercial coffee farming through HRNS-support.

Project activities develop an empowering environment for farmers. Our aim is that coffee farmers achieve significantly higher returns on their coffee production.

Stefan Cognigni

Regional Manager East-Africa

As a first step, we use farmer field schools and demo plots to familiarize the farmers with best agricultural practices. We follow this up with the development of professional farmer organizations that offer additional services strengthening the farmers technically and commercially. To support the transition from improved incomes to improved livelihoods, a gender household approach is implemented promoting joint planning and decision making among household members. Youth education and adaptation to climate change are two further topics that are being increasingly mainstreamed in our programs.

Projects in Uganda are implemented by Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung Africa Ltd.

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