The Mesa de Café Trinacional (MCT) is an initiative which was born initially out of the close cooperation between us as Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung and the Trifinio Commission. The concrete and positive results of the programs of International Coffee Partners and Tim Hortons motivated farmers, governments and coffee institutions to make use of the experiences in a more strategic manner and strengthen the coffee growing region of Trifinio in a concerted and strategic effort. With the support of programs such as RUTA/USAID, GIZ and the coffee institutes ANACAFE, IHCAFE and CSC the MCT has been further formalised and is now a widely accepted platform for facilitating dialogue and practical programs.

Central America

Located in the tri-border area of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, the Trifinio region is a key coffee growing area, supporting more than 18,000 local families and accounting for 70% of family earnings. A biodiversity hotspot, the region also contains the headwaters of the three largest rivers in Central America. For nearly a decade HRNS has been working in Trifinio.