Work we do
Work we do

Work we do

HRNS' work develops solutions in the context of important megatrends such as climate change, fighting poverty, equal chances for girls and women and their empowerment, and counteracting migration, and degradation of natural resources.

Right in the center of that, HRNS is working with smallholder families and youth in coffee growing regions to shape thriving rural communities and with the integration of youth with and without migration background in Germany.

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Activity areas


HRNS believes that youth around the globe hold the potential to shape a livable world. Our youth interventions in coffee regions and Germany help to release these potentials.

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Activity areas: Youth


    Climate change is one of the biggest challenges for nature and humanity. With a focus on climate change, HRNS promotes the protection of nature and the environment.

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    Activity area: Nature

      Social Situation

      Smallholder families in coffee regions deserve to live in rural well-being. Lack of access to technology or quality information and economic frameworks hinder them often times. HRNS helps them to overcome these struggles.

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      Activity area: Social Situation
        The smile of the families is what motivates me. Coming to their farms, seeing them happy and eager to learn more is showing that we really gave something to them.
        Godfrey Wilgod, Tanzania
        Smallholder families in coffee regions can develop with the right knowledge

        A unique approach to smallholder support

        When smallholder families develop their farm as a family business, they become more competitive. When they embrace the potentials of gender equality and the next generation, new opportunities as a family can be explored. Being able to react to the effects of climate change makes smallholder farmers resilient and ensures food security and income.

        HRNS is looking through the eyes of smallholder families in coffee regions when implementing projects. We are standing side-by-side with the families, as their partner, and oftentimes considered as a family member. The HRNS hands-on fieldwork focusses on the livelihood situation of smallholder families with a holistic approach beyond coffee quality and quantity. HRNS brings in knowledge and competencies from more than 30 years of experience.

        HRNS' Theory of Change

        Theory of Change

        HRNS’ work in coffee regions is based on a Theory of Change following a holistic approach to fieldwork. It supports smallholder families to take a proactive role in shaping their livelihood situation.

        Theory of Change
        Youth in Northern Germany need guidance as well

        Northern Germany

        Youth are drivers for change globally. Empowering them to take an active part in shaping their surroundings – irrespective of their social status – is key for healthy societies. Therefore, HRNS works with organizations that support the social and economic integration of disadvantaged youth with and without a migration background in Northern Germany.

        Our work in Northern Germany
        Digital tools support HRNS' Monitoring and Evaluation


        HRNS’ approaches are accompanied by a strong and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system (M&E). This includes own data collection, third party evaluations and cooperation with suited development research organizations. It is more than putting numbers behind the stories. We are learning together with smallholder families, staff and partners. It is part of HRNS’ constant development.

        Monitoring & Evaluation

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        Curious to learn more? Partnering with Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung means to join hands-on and committed work with smallholder families in coffee regions. It means to be willing to bring change for them. It means to be ready to get involved and work together.

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