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With all HRNS is doing in working with youth, we believe in the potential of young people. Todays youth one day will be our leaders and valuable contributors to society.

The role of youth for HRNS

We believe that only strong future generations can shape a livable world. And young people around the globe increasingly demand to have their say in what their life should look like. With movements like Fridays for Future they proof that they want and can do their part. This is an opportunity for the global society. But if youth do not get heard they might give up and move away from their communities or feel that it is worthless to get engaged. We help to change that. Our work helps youth to release their potentials to gain a living and to become active members of the future generation in coffee regions and Germany.

Curiousity is an important character of youth
Young people are like tender plants. If you water them and take care of them you can see, how quickly they begin to bloom.
Verena Fischersworring, HRNS Guatemala

The youngest world population ever

Young people are currently the largest population group on the globe, 40 % of Africa’s population is below the age of 15 (Source). According to the ILO, 23 million of the worldwide international migrants are young people. About 73 million youth are unemployed. (Source) A lot needs to be done.

Feeling the motivation of youth

In our projects in coffee regions around the globe and in Germany we experience on a daily basis how motivated and full of energy young people are. Youth have potentials, dreams and are motivated to fulfill them. However, they need guidance and the right setup to get going. We help them with that.

In coffee regions, it depends on youth that agriculture will remain an attractive income opportunity and way of life. Their potentials need to be uncovered, parents need to include them into the farm management and youth need support to develop their skills. If they have their say and can exchange with their peers, they will become a driving force in developing their community and farms.

In Germany, opportunities for youth from educationally disadvantaged families are often narrow. Providing support for them to properly integrate themselves into society is particularly important because in order to build thriving societies, we need to include all our youth – irrespective of their social background.

Bee-coming a young entrepreneur

Within HRNS projects, youth do not only learn that agriculture can be an attractive and lucrative income-generating activity with a wide range of agricultural products including coffee. By investing in their skills, they learn to run a profitable business on- or off-farm or transition into other local job opportunities. Just like Felix Solórzano from Honduras who started a honey business on site of growing coffee. Through the HRNS project he even received a loan to improve this business.

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Impact Fact: Desire of Youth to Continue Farming

Percentage of youth that want to continue farming after participating in our project.

94% Brazil
98% Central America

Featured Projects

Highlight project

TeamUp Uganda is a joint program

TeamUp Uganda

Together with the German partners Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ), Siemens Stiftung, and Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) as well as Action 4 Health Uganda and Whave Solutions as partners on the ground, HRNS Uganda is implementing an innovative youth program integrating the three activity areas of agriculture, water, and health.

Watch how TeamUp Uganda works
Supporting deprived youth in Germany gives them space to develop

Youth in Germany

Germany is a prosperous country but still, many of its youth from socially disadvantaged homes must struggle finding their voice and place in society. To address the numerous challenges faced by disadvantaged youth in Germany, HRNS has established a network of partners to work with. With financial support for youth projects, HRNS wants to support youth in overcoming the close connection between social background and educational opportunities.
The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the precarious situation of socially disadvantaged youth. Thus, HRNS worked together with other organizations and set-up Corona relief funds aiming at easing the stressful impacts of the several lockdowns on youth.

Youth in Germany

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Partnering with Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung means to join hands-on and committed work with smallholder families in coffee regions. It means to be willing to bring change for them. It means to be ready to get involved and work together.

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