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With regular updates the Muddy Boots Newsletter will give you new viewpoints. Since 2005 we are working to support future generations to shape a liveable world.

Through our work, we want to improve living conditions in tropical rural areas, support young people, and protect nature and the environment.

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Opinion & Knowledge

We share and discuss our position with you. Strong in knowledge and strong in opinion leadership.

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Real impact, real change, real stories. We are telling you, how our approach is changing lives.

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A strong network with dedicated partners is the center of our work. Being together on a mission will tell the stories.

Project Updates

Our projects are showing impact, are scientific sound and are defining an approach towards a real fair coffee value chain.


How often does the newsletter go out?
Muddy Boots is sent monthly.

What tool is used to send the newsletter?
Muddy Boots is sent through Brevo. Here is their privacy policy. Email addresses and other sending and analysis information are stored there.

Is double opt-in used and can I unsubscribe?

If you leave your address on the registration form, you will receive an email in your mailbox confirming your subscription. You can opt-out of receiving the newsletter at anytime. There is also an unsubscribe link in each edition. You can also send an email to

Newsletter Statistics
To optimize the reader experience and enhance the effectiveness of the newsletter, we regularly review the statistics provided by Brevo. This analysis enables us to assess open rates, link clicks, and overall engagement, allowing for data-driven adjustments to future newsletters.

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