HRNS’ Work and Impact in Tanzania

Written By:Sarah Kenyi
Date:15 June 2023
Theme:Social Situation
HRNS’ Work and Impact in Uganda

Since 2006, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) and our partners have been dedicated to fostering a prosperous and inclusive future for rural farming communities in Tanzania. To date, our efforts have resulted in the successful execution of 16 projects, benefiting over 50,440 households.

We have empowered 4,047 youth through training in entrepreneurship, business development, agronomy, and life skills. We have also made significant strides in strengthening the agricultural sector by establishing and empowering 1,393 farmer organizations. Furthermore, through our Gender Household Approach, we have made a positive impact on 14,370 households by fostering gender equality and empowering women to actively participate in the development of their households, farmer organizations, and communities.

The recently released HRNS Tanzania Factsheet showcases how we are contributing to the goals within the Tanzanian government's Third National Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP III). Our dedicated team in Tanzania are actively contributing to the government’s national development plan by:

  • raising smallholders' productivity which leads to increased export crop volumes and contributes to strengthening Tanzania’s economy 
  • addressing poverty reduction and the economic empowerment of smallholder farmers through boosting their output and enhancing cooperatives’ effectiveness
  • promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women and youth through our Gender Household Approach which encourages more even distribution of the workload between women and men at the farm, household, and community levels
  • protecting the environment and mitigating climate change through our support of smallholder families to incorporate climate-smart technologies such as biogas, energy-efficient cookstoves, and domestic rainwater harvesting.

Click the link below to download the factsheet and learn more about how we are making a lasting impact in Tanzania.

HRNS' impact in Uganda

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