HRNS’ Work and Impact in Uganda

Written By:Sarah Kenyi
Date:13 January 2022
Theme:Social Situation
HRNS’ Work and Impact in Uganda

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) supports smallholder families in Uganda to take a proactive role in shaping their lives in an informed and self-determined way. We are convinced that diversified production is the backbone of rural well-being. It reduces risks of internal and external shocks such as price volatility, climate hazards or pests and diseases. Improved agricultural output advances the economic situation and fosters the living standard of smallholder families.

To enable such positive improvements, our approach combines the development of advanced agricultural practices, appropriate farm and household management strategies, adaptation to climate change, and member-oriented farmer organizations. Gender equality, intergenerational dialogue, skills development and entrepreneurship for young people are vital in all our activities. We support the farming community to advocate for their needs and promote inclusion, respect, and integrity as values of decision-making.

As a result, smallholder families are driving prosperous development of their livelihoods for themselves and their communities. Click the link below to learn more about HRNS’s approach and impact in Uganda!

HRNS' impact in Uganda

HRNS’ Uganda Country Factsheet

HRNS' impact in Uganda

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