Increasing Gender Equality not only Empowers Women – it Empowers Everyone!

Written By:Sarah Kenyi
Date:7 March 2021
Theme:Social Situation
Increasing Gender Equality not only Empowers Women

Throughout East Africa, patriarchal norms and customs often limit the voice of women in the household. This not only affects their access to household resources, but also their say in household finances and decision-making. Promoting a gender-conscious farming household allows for joint decision-making and planning, which not only benefits women, but the entire family. They ultimately profit from improved financial discussions and overall livelihood.

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) has introduced the Gender Household Approach in Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia, with the objective of promoting coffee farming as a household enterprise. Joint goal-setting and joint decision-making, especially between spouses, are the two key components.

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Gender Approach East Africa

HRNS' Gender Results in East Africa

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