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Muddy Boots
Academic research in our projects, stories from the field work, editorials on the coffee sector and personal stories from our staff. Our blog is providing a wide range of stories and a deep insight into our work.

Sewing Rural Youths Future: Nalubowa Ruth

“I dropped out of school because I couldn’t pay the tuition fees at the age of 18”, remembers Ruth “I then started picking coffee as farmworker to earn some money.” Ruth is now 25 years old and lives in Mityana, Uganda. Her aim has been to take a tailoring...

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Hands-on in Vietnam

Hands-On in Tanzania Figures Improving The Lives of Young Coffee Farmers For Bui Ngoc Vinh it is all about water. And that doesn’t make his work as irrigation engineer for HRNS in Vietnam always easy: “As you know, water resources are becoming increasingly scarce, so...

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The Seven Cardinal Sins of Coffee Sustainability

I am an eternal optimist. You have to be in this line of work—protecting the future of coffee is tireless work, and it can feel like once we’ve solved one challenge, in one place, then a dozen more bubble up. Taking time to count the successes and keeping...

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Is Our Strategy as Green as Our Beans?

If you haven’t read Anya Khalamayzer’s piece in GreenBiz on Starbucks’ sustainability bonds yet, I encourage you to. It presents a very nice summary of the state of coffee sustainability today--what our sector is trying to do, why it’s urgent, how it relates to...

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