The Story of Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung


How It Began


Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) was founded in 2005 by Michael R. Neumann and his family. Building on the deep family history of working side-by-side with smallholder coffee farmers as green coffee traders. The objectives of the foundation are livelihood improvement in tropical rural environments, youth projects as well as nature and the environment.

Our Beginning

Hanns R. Neumann

HRNS is named after its founder’s father Hanns R. Neumann.

Building upon the work done by Embden, Drishaus & Epping Consulting since 1991, the aim of our work has always been to empower smallholder coffee farmers and strengthen their ability to independently achieve better livelihoods working with long-term commitments. Since 2005 we reached 300,000 farmer families in 18 countries (Accumulated). Decades of experience side-by-side with coffee farmers equipped us with a good and proven methodology for upgrading agricultural practices while introducing our climate change adaptation package. Helping farm communities to organize should empower them to become more entrepreneurial and reap the benefits of their improved farmsteads.

HRNS operates as an independent non-profit with a Board of Trustees whose independence is key in developing and guiding our work.

Our Present

We aim to make a lasting impact on smallholder farmer families by truly enabling a sustainable lifestyle. Our aim is to improve their competitiveness and the living conditions of farming families. HRNS is an important player in the global sustainability game with like-minded friends and partners from the private and public sector. By that, we get the optimum economic and social impact out of our interventions. And still, we keep working fully, pre-competitive with the farmers that need our support the most.

Our concern for people and the environment begins at our doorstep and extends to regions and countries where coffee is grown. That is why a major part of our activities is conducted in coffee landscapes in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Indonesia, Central America, and Brazil.

Our work to improve farmer livelihoods continues to be at the core of our programming. We are the sole implementer of projects for International Coffee Partners and currently implement several additional projects and programs such as Coffee Kids and coffee&climate. Strong public and private partnerships are an essential part of our work.

Youth is the essential pillar of future development in Germany, where our headquarters is located. Fast growing levels of globalization create strong linkages between people and societies over the globe. An economic crisis, social unrest and climate events affect all of us. That’s why we are continuing our support for youth organizations in Germany.

Our Future


We notice that sustainability approaches are rather looking at compliance within the supply chain and are often lacking the depth for triggering real change at farmer level.

Therefore we are focusing on our approach and put the farmers and their family clearly in the center of our efforts.

Following the objectives of our foundation, we are empathic in supporting smallholder coffee families and youth in producing regions to have a self-determined development. This will guide us towards looking at coffee as a major income generating activity among others that are contributing to generating viable perspectives of people active in coffee regions along watersheds while protecting and renovating natural resources.