CAFE Project

Location:   Ethiopia

Project Overview


 The activities of the CAFE project in Ethiopia focuses on a step-by-step improvement of farm production and management as well as access to key services and markets . Both technical and commercial aspects has also been covered in order to enhance the agricultural performance and competitiveness of farming households. Farmers are supported in establishing and strengthening their organizations as efficient service providers and in line with modern organizational concepts.

The project is promoting a participatory and practical approach of farmer training through Farmer Field School (FFS).

The project supports coffee farmer families in Ethiopia to improve food & nutrition security as the learnings can be adapted to other productive activities on the farm. Finally it helps to raise family incomes overall. Farmer families learn to adapt to climate change and get access to extension services.

Gender is an important component of the CAFE project in Ethiopia. Joint learning, joint planning and joint decision making is promoted. Sharing roles and responsibilities between members of the household, increases love and peace and reduction in domestic disagreement, violence and misunderstandings. The project also takes a strong emphasis on the role of youth.

The CAFE project is implement in partnership with Austrian Develoment Agency and International Coffee Partners. A first phase of the project was co-financed by Lavazza Foundation and The Löfbergs Family Foundation.